Natural Pearl jewellery has been beloved by many including generations of Royals from Cleopatra to Queen Elizabeth I. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is almost always seen wearing her favourite three strand Pearl necklace, a gift from the Queen's late grandfather. Pearls have been favoured by some of the world´s most beautiful and glamorous style icons, including Audrey Hepburn and Coco Channel as well as today´s top trendsetters.

Gemstones truly are amazing

miracles of nature

This composite material is called mother-of-pearl or nacre. The crystalline structure of nacre reflects light in a unique way, giving nacreous pearls their high lustre. These amazing creatures use the same substance to build their shell homes. 'Cultured Pearls' are grown inside a mollusc using nuclei (usually from mollusk remnants) hand-seeded by harvesters and grown in protected water sources and farms.

Gemstone is durable and rare

Thanks to Diamonds, most people have at least a fleeting recognition of the 4Cs (color, cut, clarity and carat weight). The 4Cs are a good way to describe beauty in gemstones; they give us an easy value guide to what initially seems like very complicated territory. While the 4Cs are a strong foundation, there are other factors that also need to be considered when purchasing gemstones. We'll cover these below, including their relative importance and interrelationship to a gemstone's final value.


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